Location-based Services Technology Platforms & Applications

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LBS Platforms and Applications Location-based Services Technology Platforms & Applications

This list includes software solutions and application programming interfaces to support location-based applications.These platforms are used to build LBS applications.It is not an exhaustive list, but provides a useful guide to some of the solutions that are available and were represented at the CTIA 2004 Conference.Some of these solutions focus on providing tools to the wireless telecommunication carriers, while others focus on the handset manufacturer, while still others provide a suite of functions that contain geoprocessing applications and web services.

Autodesk LocationLogic - software platform using J2ME has the ability to deliver a location alert whereby a mobile device's location can trigger an alert to the server if it leaves a certain perimeter or "geofence." The platform supports the OpenLS specifications. Autodesk is focused on selling a location technology platform directly to the wireless carrier to help them drive data traffic thus increasing the usage rate and adding minutes to the customers service.One example of this is to capture the location of a photo taken with a camera phone.This "location stamp" then will allow the consumer the ability to "map" and time stamp the location of photos making and helping to create a permanent record of the event.The company recently released LocationLogic5.Read more...
AltaMap Location Based Service (LBS) Platform is an integrated suite of mapping applications and maps for developers that want to add location intelligence to their applications.
The Kivera Location EngineTM (KLE) technology is highly optimized for static and real-time geocoding, reverse geocoding, point-to-point (phone location, address, point of interest, latitude/longitude) driving directions, map displays, and proximity searches.Kivera technology supplies geocoding at an accuracy level of over 99.5 percent, the highest in the industry.Kivera technology was built utilizing a three-tier architecture.Software Development Kits (SDKs) are available.The Kivera technology platform is device agnostic and can optimize input of information and delivery for HTML, HDML, WML, cHTML, SMTP, SMPP, USSD, XML or Voice XML.See the Kivera website for more details.
ArcLocation Solutions consists of multilingual J2ME applications that run on Java-enabled phones, Palm OS devices, RIM, Symbian, and any other handheld devices that have a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed in them.There is a Mobile Toolkit available to build custom J2ME applications that use ArcWeb for Developers through service chaining proxies.ArcWeb Services are at the core of ArcLocation Solutions.The ArcLocation Solutions Connector is an API suite that handles integration between ArcWeb Services and industry-standard mobile applications and Web servers.It also handles integration between ArcWeb Services and a mobile operator's MPC/GMLC.
MapQuest's Business Solutions Division has developed Advantage Enterprise, a multi-threaded client-server system that enables developers to integrate maps, driving directions and other location based technology into Web applications, desktop applications and enterprise back-end systems.It allows server administrators to customize every aspect of the MapQuest server environment.Developers can customize mapping, routing, searching and the look of their interactive maps with custom icons and completely dynamic map style changes.Read more...
MapPoint Location Server (MLS) marries real time location with mapping and location technology courtesy of MapPoint Web Services.It is a server-side software that sits inside firewall to build LBS apps. MLS acts as a proxy for MapPoint Web Services for integrating maps, driving directions, etc. It uses a SOAP API for obtaining location and user privacy information, and proxy APIs for accessing the MapPoint Web Service for routing, mapping, POI, and map rendering.

For organizations concerned about the End User License Agreement (EULA) about real-time location updates or the number of vehicles that can be supported with a specific application, Microsoft says that the restriction that had been present in the MapPoint product EULA, no longer applies and that the contract with content providers has been worked out.

Two major operators will support plug in for MLS - Bell Mobility Canada and Sprint PCS for the US.Focused on getting developers to build LBS application such as Fleet Management and other enterprise location services (SFA, FSM). Microsoft stressing that both large and small companies can use MLS.Easy to install and use. MLS has a privacy and security module "built-in" to that give the enterprise control over the location of mobile workforce and location privacy.It comes with the MLS bundle.Read more...


MapInfo® MapXtend® is a developer tool for creating location-based applications running on wireless handheld devices.Applications created with MapXtend give mobile field staff live access to the most updated corporate data on equipment and customers, helping increase efficiency and improve service.MapInfo also offers miCallPlan, a Java-based solution that provides integrated solutions using local call plan information to perform critical customer service-based applications; and Envinsa, which evolved from MapInfo's miAware™ architecture, is a location platform that allows business and government organizations worldwide to harness the power of location across the enterprise.
IntelliWhere™ LocationServer is a software development platform that delivers and receives information that is related to a particular location.It accepts XML queries from any application, and using an array of geospatial and data management functions, processes these requests and delivers location-based maps, text or voice results back to the calling application in the form requested.LocationServer is based upon Intergraph's GeoMedia® technology.
Mobile Location Server - Enterprise Edition is designed for use by large enterprises with hundreds of physical locations and the need to provide location information, maps and driving directions from their web site.The Mobile Location Server - Enterprise Edition is a complete solution, including Telcontar's Drill Down Server™ and all required map data, data services, integration services and training.The Mobile Location Server - Enterprise Edition also supports a myriad of Telcontar or third-party applications that leverage the same Drill Down Server platform and can enable other applications such as Mobile Resource Management, CRM or asset tracking. It is designed to be attractive to enterprises that already purchase high volume locator services from AOL/MapQuest®, Vicinity/Microsoft®, or other existing ASP location offerings.Read more...
The LocatioNet PlatformTM provides centralized management of all core location based system elements and service applications, which are accessible and manageable under a unified interface; a real-time service delivery engine, which serves as middleware, integrating and managing all service related elements, including service applications, location determination, mapping, rich content, and mobile device interaction.The platform easily integrates with the operator's existing backbone network, and seamlessly links with its existing user provisioning, billing and OMAP systems; an open API and SDKs, which provide both operator and third party developers to create a location-based service application; a GIS Engine, with geo-coding, mapping and routing engine, which provides concurrent users with fast access to any map type.

This is a sample of some of the applications that were demonstrated at CTIA.Many of these listed are already on the market.
VIAMOTO from Motorola
  • GOVIAMOTO - Cell phone-based personal navigator
  • FINDVIAMOTO - local information guide, concierge service
  • GETVIAMOTO - Combined service of GOVIAMOTO and FINDVIAMOTO
The company has worked with Avis to create "Avis Assist" that enables Avis renters to receive spoken turn-by-turn directions to their destinations on a GPS-enabled Motorola iDEN® i88s mobile handset.Telcontar is supplying Motorola with its Rich Map Engine in the United Kingdom to support routing engine technology for TrafficMaster's Smartnav.
Developed to provide business solutions and services to data-intensive corporations and organizations, the Cubistix suite of products utilizes their patent-pending methodology with tools built upon Microsoft® MapPoint® 2004 and MapPoint® Location Server that interacts with a company's existing database system, extracting the information that is needed by utilizing a map-based interface.The software solution was developed for Pechter's Baking Group, LLC (Pechter's, is a 124-year-old wholesale baking company located in Harrison, N.J) to provide delivery drivers with point-to-point directions and maps for all of their routes and reduces the response time and delivery costs for special deliveries by dispatching drivers closest in proximity for Just-In-Time customer service.(Source: Cubistix Press Release)
Smartnav is a comprehensive, easy to use satellite navigation system that will guide you around the jams and can be fitted into any car.With a unique combination of integrated features, Smartnav is one of the leading navigation systems on the UK market and won the Auto Express Product Honours 2003.
Built using QUALCOMM's BREW technology, AccuWeather.com PremiumTM can send SMS alerts to subscribers and display a graphical alert or alert by sound, of imminent severe weather.Service to be available in June 2004.
eMbience is a Select Developer on the QUALCOMM BREW platform, an application layer for 3G CDMA devices.
gate5 provides primarily consumer travel and map guides applications coupled, such as Fodors, Falk City Guides, and Lonely Planet.
Mapsolute is a German company that has developed a map portal for driving directions and routing.The U.S.portal has some very detailed maps; some of the best I have seen for a map portal.Tele Atlas is the map content provider.Go to: www.us.map24.com.
gpmobile is a GPS, speech-enabled, mobile navigation service, running over wireless networks and leading smartphones, including the Nokia 3650 and Sony Ericsson P800/P900.gpmobile, available today in both the Untied States and Europe.Subscribers simply speak a destination into their phone, the gpmobile service then determines an optimized route to the requested destination and immediately begins providing turn-by-turn audio and visual screen prompts right from the phone.The gpmobile application software and all mapping data is downloadable over the air to the phone.No additional software is required.gpmobile works over GSM wireless networks, including AT&T Wireless, Cingular, and T-mobile in the Untied States, as well as European wireless networks.
OpenMotion LS™, an application from Raco Wireless, is a network based location services platform that allows wireless carriers, developers, content providers and businesses to rapidly deploy existing content like directory information, points of interest, real-time traffic and application data to mobile devices and location enable the content.See LBS Challenge below.

Published Friday, April 2nd, 2004

Written by Directions Staff

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