LocationTech Marks Progress in Open Source Geospatial Community Development and Awareness

The Eclipse Foundation's LocationTech Working Group, an open source community wishing to "collaborate in a commercially friendly" environment, celebrated its one year anniversary at a meet-up in Rosslyn, Virginia yesterday. Members of the working group are comprised of a variety of both small and large corporations including Oracle, Google, Boundless and Actuate.

Eddie Pickle, CEO of Boundless and host for the event, opened the session by recapping the historical development of the organization noting that there was a need for a professional organization to support and sustain an open source community. Xavier Lopez, director of Oracle's Spatial and Semantic Technologies, said he saw a need for "combining and consolidating the community of commercial organizations," such as Oracle and Google, that want to participate. Andrew Ross, the director of LocationTech, said that the mission of the organization was such that it exists to provide more than just the access to things like github but also to supply the business rules and technical governance. He believes that LocationTech helps orgainzations along the path of utilizing open source solutions and make the software as widely available as possible "without friction."

Presenters during the meet-up included

  • Anthony Fox, director of Data Science & System Architecture for CCRi, presented GeoMesa, a distributed spatio-temportal index built on Accumulo providing querying capapbilities of very large geospatial data in real-time. How real time? For example, think of data rates of thousands of observations per second (i.e. Twitter which has ~150K tweets per second or Foursquare with 1M check-ins daily)
  • Robert Cheetham, CEO of Azavea, discusses real-time geoprocessing with GeoTrellis,  a high performance geoprocessing engine and programming toolkit.
  • Diego Gomez Deck, the CTO for Glob3 Mobile presented Mobile Map Tools (MMT), a multi-platform (iOS, Android, HTML5) library to visualize almost any kind of data.
  • Juan Marin, the CTO of Boundless discussed geospatial data versioning with GeoGit, enabligh decentralized management of versioned geospatial data and innovative workflows for collaboration.

Marin, Cheetham and Fox will deliver presentations at the Location Intelligence Summit this May 19-21 in Washinton, D.C.

Published Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

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