Loki 2.0—An Update on Wi-Fi Location Technology and an interview with Skyhook CEO Ted Morgan

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On our podcast today, Ted Morgan, CEO and founder of Skyhook Wireless reviews some of the capabilities of the new Loki 2.0. By way of background, Skyhook has developed the Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), which is the first indoor-outdoor positioning system that utilizes Wi-Fi rather than GPS or cell towers to accurately pinpoint location. Loki is Skyhook's Web-based application for local search by providing a one-button access to location-based content. Loki can be inserted as a toolbar on a web browser and in version 2.0 has been upgraded to include the capability to send SMS messages with location content as well as an email with a link to a users existing location. Morgan also discusses the use of the technology for social networking and the licensing of Skyhook technology to SiRF Technologies that combine Skyhook's WPS with SiRF's GPS technology.

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