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Losing Health GIS Pros in UK and other Health GIS News

The Guardian reports on new rules that took effect April 1 in the UK that move public health officials from primary care trusts  to local authorities. The concern: the good work done while in may not continue. 

But with expertise in geographical information systems (GIS) concentrated within public health departments of primary care trusts (PCTs), which are due to move from PCTs to local authorities, there is concern that GIS skills will be lost on the way.

The good news is, if there is any, is that local authority health users have free access to Ordnance Survey data. The bad news? Only 82 NHS organisations have signed up thus far.

- The Guardian

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation released an interactive map to raise awareness about its campaign to end malaria.

- Gates Foundation via Mashable

Gambia is learning about epidemiology.

Five days International Training Course on “Spatial Epidemiology” methods and application in Global positioning system (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) was recently ended at the ITC in Kerr Serign. The training was organised by the US department of Agriculture in collaboration with the ministry of agriculture, Animal Health and Production Services Department. The training brought together participants in different countries in the sub-region, who deal with animal health and production services.

- Foroyaa

Published Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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