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At the Pitney Bowes Business Insights conference in Las Vegas, Moshe Binyamin, the product manager for MapInfo Pro provided and update of the next release of the software, which will be version 11. This version will be released by the end of June. "What ever we do with MIPro has to do with data and to maximize the investment from that asset," said Binyamin. PBBI's philosophy about the product centers around having centrally located and managed data, support a large numbers of concurrent users, enable data sharing, promote rapid data discovery, and integrate with enterprise business systems. In addition, Binyamin said that much focus was paid to promoting standards and enforcing data security.

MapInfo Pro (MIPro) V11.0 Highlights

  1. There is improved ease of use and productivity when working with tabular data.MIPro has a new table browser of data based on using Microsoft grid controls to provide better navigation. For example, a user can navigate with arrow keys and use a right mouse click for style information.
  2. There is enhanced support of 64-bit operating systems. Users can address up to  4 GB RAM instead of 2 GB. Memory hungry operations benefit from this improvement such as:
    • large geographic data processing tasks such as combining several of regions together
    • opening or exporting large image files
    • creating geo-registered PDF files with attributes
  3. Bing Maps premium services are now an add-on option to MIPro. There is access to hybrid and aerial imagery as before along and the ability to search on a location and move the map to that location.
  4. Product line integration is much improved between MapInfo Pro 11, Mapinfo Manager 1.2 (to be released in July), MapInfo Stratus.

Last year, PBBI announced Geosk, short for Geographic kiosk, a cloud based solution for finding and ingesting any type of geospatial data. The technology behind Geosk is based upon WeoGeo's cloud-hosted solution for data hosting and management. Last year, product manager Scott Robinson said to think of this as a "Netflix for geospatial data." The product is meant to act as a way to discover additional data sources that the user does not have currently. The Geosk storefront allows the user to inscribe their area of interest with a minimum bounding rectangle and then to purchase based on data type.

The WeoGeo platform has allowed PBBI to create a branded marketplace that provides administration and user registration capabilities. At the individual data set level administration, user will catalog the data and even push their value-added data sets to the marketplace that may or may not have a royalty attached to it.

The product is still a few months away from delivery.

MapInfo Manager is a server based product for creating a catalog of metadata. Version 1.2 is due out in July and will provide the capability to manage .TAB files, import XML files, do data synchronization, create and apply metadata templates, and do backup and restore.

[Disclosure: Travel for this trip was supported by PBBI]

Published Monday, June 13th, 2011

Written by Joe Francica

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