MapInfo’s Business Partner Program

By Directions Staff

1.) How does MapInfo's Business Partner program differ from the business partner model used by ESRI and Intergraph? That is, how is it different than being simply a reseller of software or services?

MapInfo's business partner program represents much more than a vendor reseller relationship.In addition to offering solid margins to MapInfo's partners on products and services, many of our partners have built successful business's around our products.In part the attractiveness of our core technology to our partners is the ability to customize the core products and data sets to build applications that solve specific business problems.Our commitment to deliver channel ready products with open architecture allows our partners to differentiate themselves in the market place, not by price and availability but by their industry, product and customer knowledge.Delivering Value Added Consulting, development, training and support is a vital part of our partners success and partners are encouraged to develop and grow these capabilities.In fact, a significant contributor to our Professional Services Group revenues is training that is provided by our Authorized Training Centers (ATC's) which are managed exclusively by Channel Partners.We believe we have a much stronger value proposition to our partners as a result of the additional services revenues generated around our core products.Which in turn provides customers with quicker return on investment, and better overall satisfaction with their MapInfo based solution.

2) How many members does MapInfo's Business Partner program have currently? US? Europe? Asia/Pacific? Are there different sales models employed depending on the geographic region to accommodate local situations?

World Wide, MapInfo has more than a thousand indirect partnerships that provide MapInfo based solutions to their customers.For all intents and purposes our sales model is consistent in all geographies, and is best characterized as a multi-tier, multi-channel approach that enables MapInfo and our partners to deliver the best software, data, services and solutions to our customers.Where it is reasonable and business warrants MapInof has established corporate offices in certain geographies.In many areas, our partners and distributors are our primary liaison with customers,performing all aspects of our business from localization and translation to sales, marketing,support etc.

3) Have any MapInfo's Business Partner members released customized solutions that they sell directly? Does MapInfo resell any of these solutions?

Mapinfo's channel partners have developed custom and off the shelf solutions.The range and complexity of those applications is vast and can be seen in the Partner Solutions Showcase on our Web site.Throughout our history MapInfo has recommended, resold, co-marketed, co-branded, distributed and even acquired applications and data products developed by our partners.Many of those products are included in our product and data catalogues, web site content, and other marketing materials.MapInfo partners frequently participate in trade shows, seminars and our enduser conference, MapWorld, to promote their products and services and our joint market offerings.

4.) How have you tried to make the MapInfo's Business Partners successful in using MapInfo's core technology?

MapInfo's partner program is designed to deliver services and opportunity that enhance our partners ability to build a successful business and drive bottom line results around our products and services.As MapInfo relies on and is dedicated to the success of its partners we must provide partners with the product training, technical support, developer services programs, marketing and sales support necessary to be successful.

Product training is offered to MapInfo partners at the same time it is offered to MapInfo's sales staff, enabling partners to be up to speed more rapidly on new products and services.Partners have access to participate in MapInfo's beta programs enabling partners to get their applications to market quickly upon the release of new and updated products.

In addition, partners can provide input through our monthly Partner Advisory Council (PAC) meetings.The PAC is made up of a dozen or so strategic MapInfo Partners that provide us with critical feedback regarding their needs for sales and marketing and technical and product support.

MapInfo's Technical Advisory Board (TAB)is another open forum for partners to collaborate directly with MapInfo engineers, regarding product direction, issues and customer feed back.Many new products and enhancements to existing products are a direct result of feed back from these groups.

In addition MapInfo has taken the initiative to offer our partners an Electronic Partner Relationship Management (EPRM) system which gives our partners online access to up-to-date information on products, marketing programs, industry events, collateral, sales leads, etc., and allows for electronic opportunity management and forecasting between our partners and our channel account teams.

Additionally, the following groups are specifically dedicated to our partners success:

Regional Channel Managers and VAR Representatives;
Channel Marketing Team;
Channel Development Operation;
World Wide Business Development and Sales Development Team;

MapInfo's executive management team is committed to Channel growth and development.

Published Friday, March 1st, 2002

Written by Directions Staff

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