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Mapping AEDs in Chicago and other Health GIS News

But University of Chicago Doctor David Beiser says few people know where AEDs are located and there’s no central source to find them.

“At this point there isn’t one unified database of AEDs in the U.S.,” said Dr. Beiser.

So Dr. Beiser set out to create one for Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood and students from U of C’s Lab School hit the streets.

The data are now on a Web map and a mobile app is planned. Yes, this is the Univeristy of Chicago with no geography department! The article provides no link to the map, nor could I find it on quick look.

- CBS Local

Dec 1 was World AIDS Day. The Atlantic took the 1990-2009 maps from the Guardian (from its 2011 coverage) and made an animated map. The Guardian's is interactive (you pick the next year you want to see) while The Atlantic made a single animated GIF. Both maps the same data: the prevalence of adults with HIV over the past 20 years, though never is titled, which I find troubling. Which map is more effective?

- The Guardian

- The Atlantic

Where you live could be a powerful determinant of what kind of elective surgery you get, even within a state or city, said a study released Thursday [Nov 29]. The authors of the Dartmouth Atlas Project said that could reflect less patient choice and more physician practice tied to local tradition.

The project used Medicare data from 2010, or in some cases averaged data from 2008-10, to look at rates of elective surgeries in the areas hospitals serve. 

- Augusta Chronicle

- press release

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Published Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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