Mapping Drug Use in Minnesota and other Health GIS News Pioneer Press offers a series of maps titled Prescription opiates and heroin in Minnesota based off the ARCOS federal drug data. More interesting to readers of this blog will be the pain required to get the data out of PDF and into Excel. Then, there was the issue of access to GIS software. It's not clear what GIS software was used for any analysis, but the presentation is via what looks like Fusion Tables in Google Maps.

- Data Mine Blog

A "fat map" has shown how some schools in Birmingham are hemmed in by as many as 19 takeaway outlets in a 400-metre radius.

About 70 per cent of all primary and secondary schools in the city have a kebab shop, chip shop, pizza store or Chinese takeaway within the same distance.

The city has one of the  highest levels of childhood obesity in the UK with 40% of children age 10 in the severly overweight category.

Birmingham Public Health worked with the Ordnance Survey to create the map. The map for Britain is here.

- The Telegraph

Headline: UCMC Doctors Perform First Transplant Using GPS

Huh? Well, apparently GPS was used to track a kidney found in a national registery to help doctors waste no time in performing the transplant at University of Cinncinatti Medical Center (UCMC). How the GPS worked while the kidney was on the plane? I guess not so well.

Yesterday morning Shonda donated her kidney --- doctors immediately packaged it up into a box and put it on a flight. For the first time ever, a GPS unit tracked the organ's progress from hospital to airport to California. This allowed the doctors there to prepare the man who was going to receive the organ without any lag time. 

- Local 12 WKRC

Published Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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