Mapping Sexual Violence in Syria and other Crowdsourcing GIS News

Syrian government forces are increasingly using sexual violence and gang rapes as a weapon of war in the conflict there, according to a project using social networking technology to document each reported attack.

Published last week by the New York-based’s Media Center, as part of its Under Siege project, the research uses a crowd-sourced mapping platform to pinpoint where rapes or sexual attacks have been reported and allows victims to report any further cases in real time.

The tool? Crowdmap.

- Jerusalem Post

The Ordnance Survey has collected thousands of colloquial or informal place names in local use across the country with which it hopes to make its maps more accurate and up to date.
The data were collected from the public, but to be used need to be validated and then the OS must decide exaclty how to use the informal names alongside existing formal ones. The Coast Guard has already started adding names into three of its databases.
Adam Voiland at NASA found a giant letter "V" in a MODIS Image of clouds. That got him thinking about compiling the whole alphabet in natural phenomena. He's looking for some help!

Published Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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