MapQuest Launches MapQuest Discover - a SoLoMo Travel Curation Tool

Today we’re excited to announce MapQuest Discover. This early beta focuses on the inspiration piece of the trip-cycle by providing a photo-centric social and travel experience centered on places that people may want to explore, whether it’s for a night out, weekend trip, or vacation of a lifetime.

One description I read compares it to Pinterest boards and that sounds about right. Among other things, data from Vibe (remember that? APB review round up) is used to rate attractions.

To complement MapQuest Discover and add more depth to our user’s travel planning experience, we’ve overhauled MapQuest Local. These redesigned pages about states, cities, places, and neighborhoods now contain reviews, deals, travel guides, related collections, and all the new features from MapQuest Discover.

While I applaud the efforts to pivot, I wonder if going Pinterest-like when the flash of that network is fading, will work out.

- MapQuest Blog

Published Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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