MapQuest Patent: Map Displays with POI information based on Reference Locations

The patent Systems and methods for generating electronic map displays with points-of-interest information based on reference locations was granted yesterday to MapQuest. Today, rumor is the company is shutting down its Lancaster, PA location (where two of the inventors of this patent, at least, appear to work) and sending everyone to Denver.


Methods and systems are provided for generating an electronic map display. In one implementation, a method is provided for receiving route information associated with a route having an origination point and a destination point, determining a location of a reference point along the route, assigning a spatial identifier to the reference point, searching for points of interest (POIs) in a search area associated with the spatial identifier, ranking, using a processor, the POIs based on distances of POIs from the location of the reference point, and providing POI information for an electronic map display, wherein the POI information is associated with one or more POIs and selected based on the ranking of the POIs.

Published Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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