Maps on your PDA - Simple Stuff #8 - Mapping the Trade Show Floor

By Hal Reid

Here at Simple Stuff we are always looking for a PDA application that not only involves mapping, but also is fun, and most importantly, cool.

Several weeks ago, I attended the GeoTec conference in Toronto.Like everybody else at these sorts of things you always go to the opening reception and while networking, roam around the Trade Show.If you are like me, you always try to remember where something interesting was so you can return and check it out further.You sort create a map of the floor in you mind. If you are like me, this isn't very effective and you forget where some really interesting thing is.

At this show I discovered something that solves that problem.It is an application developed just for this show called mBooth Locator by mBiztech, a company that creates mobile, location based applications.

What is does is elegantly simple.When I stopped by their booth, they beamed their app to both my Visor and my IPAQ.It looks like this...

These are the icons that make the application work - Note the search feature.

Note the blue square where I selected their Booth.

This is the contact information.

This is what they do.

This option lets you add your own notes and comments.

Opening Screen

Every booth at the show was mapped and the contact and product/services descriptions were contained in the application.

It works exactly the same on my Visor, except my Visor doesn't have color so it looks better on my IPAQ.If you have been to very large trade shows - Las Vegas Convention Center for example, this is a must have application.

The cool additions would be routing and very high resolution GPS so you knew were you were.But, as is, it would something that would be very useful at Comdex.

The important thing is the workflow.You walk into the conference get beamed the app when you register.Search for the products, services and companies you want to be sure to visit.If you are on the floor and you see a booth that looks interesting, you can preview what they do on your PDA.That way you don't waste time on things that don't apply to what you do.Of course, if you are a vendor, you can find the competition's booth right away.

Some times the simple things are the most useful.It looks like these guys at mBiztech not only have a simple app, but may have the killer trade show application.

Published Wednesday, May 8th, 2002

Written by Hal Reid

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