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The Lansdale, PA library has a $20,000 suplus this year due to successful fundraising. What to do with that money? Buliding improvements such as new carpeting and efficient lighting are among the ideas. So is GIS, but not for patrons, for marketing.

Library staff are also looking into how an electronic GIS-based system could be used to help market the library, and are starting to discuss potential blogging and social media accounts for the library - so you can now follow @LansdaleLibrary on Twitter for more info and event updates.

- The Reporter Online

Arlington, MA Arlington GIS Coordinator Adam Kurowski asked for and received selectmen's approval to lead a consortium of eastern towns to collect aerial imagery. The numbers suggest a 50% saving for each jurisdiction if it goes in with a group and a 75% savings if a Community Innovation Challenge Grant is approved to fund the effort. Town leaders already ok'd going after the grant. The GIS coordinator position was created in Arlington in 2010 and GIS is moving through town departments. Arlington's GIS is open source and implemented by PeopleGIS, of Arlington.

The Arlington Advocate

Western Australia's Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP) is being upgraded under a new contract that supports the government’s US$23 million (AUD$23 million) Location Information Strategy. The refresh will include better data and updated technical infrastructure.

- FutureGov

Published Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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