McLean’s Smell Maps are Hot Stuff

The Scotsman reports on a map of Glasgow. No information on where it might be viewed, but I found it..

A DESIGNER from Edinburgh College of Art has created an unusual map of Glasgow – charting its smells rather than its streets.

Kate McLean tracked familiar odours such as the carbolic soap scent of the city’s tenement stairwells or the whiff of its Subway. The ten dominant scents of the city have now been represented by a series of different coloured dots arranged in circles charting the flow of aromas around Glasgow.  

- The Scotsman

The same artist, it seems, has one of Newport, RI. I found it here.

The Newport Smell Map Exhibit, by Designer Kate McLean, is on display at the Newport Visitor's Center until Sept. 7.  McLean has developed a way of producing portraits of cities by sensory experiences and has "mapped" Newport for the first time by smell.

- Newport Patch

Is it a slow news week?

Published Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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