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AAG's Global Connections program can link U.S. high school classes/informal education programs (any subject) at the high school level with peers overseas. The classrooms in return can collect funds as they work on and collaborate with students across the globe on sustainability and related topics.

For every time that you complete three hours of online exchanges between classrooms, upload a MyCOE project to our online system and submit your evaluation about your experience with the program, you will receive $300. You must let us know how you prefer to receive the $300 (Personal check or Amazon gift card).  

Applying to the program means that you will: 
1. Schedule a total of three online exchange hours between your classroom and a classroom abroad (we will help you schedule these virtual meetings).
2. Upload a “MyCOE” student-led sustainable project to our online submissions system. Note: MyCOE projects must focus on sustainable development topics in your community. Each project much contain a project report detailing the project, a photograph depicting the project and a map (produced digitally or drawn by hand). In the "What can projects be about?" section below, we have included links to MyCOE themed pages-- here you will find sample projects, activity guides and other resources for your classrooms. 
3. Submit a brief written evaluation detailing your experiences with the program—What site did you connect with? How many students were there? What did your students learn from the exchanges? What did the students discuss? What difficulties did you have?  Etc. 

- AAG via GIS in Ed

Rutgers Continuing Ed offers a four class ArcGIS Course. You need to have the basics from an intro course to sign up for the $825 course called ArcGIS: Editing & Data Development. Here's the selling point:

SPECIAL OFFER! All participants in this course will receive a free trial of the ArcGIS 10 software. Practice and refine your newly acquired skills at home or at work for 1-year at no additional cost!

I wonder if that's via the $100 home use version or the one that comes with some of Esri's texts? Or via some other program? I hope potential students know there are many ways to gain acess to the software these days. 

- details via LinkedIn

James J. Spilker Jr. ’55 M.S. ’56 Ph.D. ’58, a School of Engineering consulting professor and central figure in the development of GPS, and his wife Anna Marie Spilker, a real estate broker and investor, have pledged $28 million to Stanford University.

The couple’s donation will name The James and Anna Marie Spilker Engineering and Applied Sciences Building in the Science and Engineering Quad – providing researchers with the facilities for atomic-scale research – and endow a professorship in the School of Engineering.

Do you wonder why the gift does not fund geo related facilities? Spilker already  co-founded the Stanford University Center for Position, Navigation and Time. Besides, GIS is doing fine at the school per Esri.

- Stanford Daily

Published Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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