More on Training - “We’re missing a generation in the workforce”

At GEOINT, at the afternoon plenary panel on "Challenges for the GEOINT Community" moderated by Michael Jones, CTO of Google Earth, the lack of a skilled workforce continued as a major theme as mentioned in the early blog post. I was expecting to hear more on policy and geospatial technology transfer but much of the discussion turned to what Dr. Leo Hazelwood, Sr. VP and GM of SAIC, called "a missing generation in the workforce." Hazelwood indicated that because of the drawdown in funding intelligence agencies in the ‘90s that the country is lacking experienced workers necessary to stand up the agencies responsible for intelligence analysis. "The workforce is skilled but enormously green," said Hazelwood. He also said that many young workers are looking for different things in their careers and that many may not hang around for 30 years in the civil service. Jones mentioned that some organizations don’t allow their workers to fail. "Failure is the first step in creativity," he said.

Published Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Written by Joe Francica

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