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Among the topics covered in a back to school article about the importance of sleep for college students by the AP, is this tidbit:

Macalester College in Minnesota publishes a "nap map" listing the pros and cons of various campus snooze sites.

I don't recall needing a map at the University of Chicago...the big chairs in Regenstein Library were my favorites. The orange ones. 

- Journal Now

Students and faculty from Delta State University's Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Information played a helping hand with search and rescue procedures as Hurricane Isaac pounded the Mississippi Gulf Coast. ...Three juniors joined Director Talbot Brooks last Sunday and Monday as they assisted at MEMA headquarters in Jackson. ...An example of some of the work done by GIT with this storm can be viewed online at

It's a very early prototype titled: Hurricane Isaac USNG GeoPDF Download Flex Viewer 

-The Bolivar Commercial

Vatche Tchakerian, Geography professor and head of the department, [at Texas A & M] investigates this connection between artist and landscape in his First-Year Seminar course, Earth Art: Geosciences and the Arts. "We explore how geography, geomorphology, geology and the environment are represented in the major art movements from prehistory to today," Tchakerian says. "We look at paintings, for example, to identify what kind of geosciences information can we identify. Are they accurate? What does the information convey to the viewer?"

- TAMU News

This is just an interesting data point of how Esri's online courses are used in education via twitter:

EDSE447 & 648: Here's the link for #ESRI 3-hr free web course "Teaching w GIS: Using #GIS in the Classroom" Due:10/16

Best I can tell it's for this course at OLE MISS:

447. SPECIAL METHODS I: SOCIAL STUDIES. Selected concepts, skills, and materials for teaching of secondary social studies; use of materials and technology in association with related applications and field experience. Prerequisite: enrollment restricted to teacher education. (3)

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Published Monday, September 10th, 2012

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