GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week Observations

  • I love the idea of Geography Awareness Week (GAWeek) and GIS Day. Over the years, the energy behind the two events has changed.  I asked my lunch table mates at an event on Sunday for geography educators who was doing something for GAWeek or GIS Day. No one was. Were they aware of National Geographic's great Mission: Explore tools they could use in the classroom? No. 
  • And, what's going on in Williamson County, TX? Per the Statesman:

County officials are hosting a map gallery Tuesday as a part of Geographic Information Systems Awareness Week. The gallery will showcase maps used by various county departments, with staff on hand to explain the maps and geospatial technology applications.


On Wednesday , National GIS Day, the county’s GIS council will conduct geospatial technology demonstrations for Georgetown school district elementary students. 

I hope that neither of these events are 100% "demonstrations." That would not be too interesting for adult or elementary visitors.

  • National Geographic put out a press release Monday titled Ten Things You Might Not Know About Our World
  • Are readers aware that now Geography Awareness Week is sponsored by the Geo-Literacy Coalition (aka Esri, Nat Geo, Google and CH2M Hill)? (Directions Magazine interview). I could find no website for the organization, expect a Google+ page.
  • A search of Google News for "Geography Awareness Week" returns 173 items. That same search for GIS Day returns 943. 

Published Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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