NAVTEQ Spoofs Self in Santa’s Navigational Needs Press Release

For many of you not in the geospatial publishing business, be aware that the increase in press announcements about location, GIS, geospatial, geo this, geo that, has increased substantially over the past few years. One perpetrator of this tsunami of news is NAVTEQ. Almost daily we hear from NAVTEQ about new data features or a new country added to their database of streetcenterline files. All good, really. But they are a loquacious group to be sure.

Well, they must understand how they have come to offer up corporate news because they’ve done a great job of spoofing themselves in this latest press release about how "Santa Claus Partners with NAVTEQ to Ensure A Smooth Christmas Eve."

Kudos to the folks at NAVTEQ for making this PR a "must read" for the press. Can’t wait to see Santa’s "in-sleigh" navigation system.

Published Friday, December 18th, 2009

Written by Joe Francica

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