NAVTEQ’s Mapping Positioning Engine - “The Heartbeat in the Car”

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This podcast introduces NAVTEQ's Mapping and Positioning Engine or MPE. The MPE, a subset of the NAVTEQ database that is coupled with a microprocessor assembly, including a GPS chipset, was designed to support a variety of applications that assist the driver of a car or other vehicle to, for example, reduce gas consumption. It is more or less an alternative to a navigation system that is cost effective enough to go into most all vehicles regardless of price. According to Bob Denaro, NAVTEQ's vice president of advanced driver assistance systems, it's "a heartbeat in the car."

The MPE specification, according to NAVTEQ, outlines optimal deployment of the GPS, microprocessor, memory and all required software including map-matching. It also provides guidelines for advanced driver assistance system or ADAS, its Interface Specification and the Controller Area Network (CAN) or CAN bus interfaces which you will hear more about in this podcast. The Map and Positioning Engine also provides specification for NAVTEQ's patented Electronic Horizon algorithms, which are essential to predictive road information for ADAS, that searches for and interprets attributes on the road ahead.

We will be talking today with Bob Denaro, vice president of ADAS for NAVTEQ.

Information on NAVTEQ ADAS
Information on NAVTEQ's Mapping Positioning Engine (MPE)
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