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Need for Spanish Speaking Outpatient Clinics and other Health GIS News

A GIS study focussed on Los Angeles, CA revealed that the distance for patents to travel to access outpatient substance abuse treatment (OSAT) is between two and six miles. No comparison was given for English speaking clinics. Also noteworthy: private facilities are less likley to have Spanish speaking staff while those with either a state license or a higher percentage of Medicaid patients was more likely to have such staff.

-  Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention via 7th Space

A study published in BMC Public Health aimed "to investigate spatial patterns of stroke and mochardial infarction (MI) mortality risks in the East Tennessee Appalachian Region so as to identify neighborhoods with the highest risks." The results suggest neighborhoods belonging to high risk clusters of stroke and MI mortality tended to have high proportions of the population with low education attainment.

- BMC Public Health (full provisional PDF available [Yah for open access!])

Locals in New York City do not agree with the USDA's definition of a food desert. The agency feels bodagas (small stores with little or no fresh food) qualify but the locals feel they do not. The agency puts the number of people in the city within a food desert as 26,000; the city counts 3 million. The fear of the city is that when grocery store chains see these numbers they will avoid the city.

- New York Daily News

Published Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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