Neogeography is not GIS; not LI

Speaking at Korem’s Geodiffusion conference, Pitney Bowes Software president, Mike Hickey, struck a resonant chord when he explained that "the explosion of Neogeography is driving awareness [and] collaborative data consolidation [but it] isn’t GIS." Hickey explained that while neogeography is focused on "Where" there is no data creation and no spatial analysis, an essentially visually useful concept that has helped "cross the chasm from early adopters to an early majority."

My take is decidedly biased and I come down on Hickey’s side entirely. He sees that while the neogeography approach to location technology has propelled non-technically focused proponents of evolutionary change, this path leads to the early majority group of businesses and other users who are, as Hickey states, "more pragmatic, adverse to risk and looking for proven applications."

Hickey’s statements cogently define the growth and progression of location technology from merely the eye candy of mashups to the adoption of a broader fundamental IT architecture and strategy for bringing location intelligent solutions to the enterprise. The next phase of adoption will see more integration between BI and LI solutions and a demand from the vertical market segments to customize software that makes sense for their business processes.

Published Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Written by Joe Francica

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