New Apple Patent App: Smart Battery Management Based on Owner’s Habits

Apple's latest patent app, “Power Management of Electronic Devices,” dated yesterday, is about battery management. The idea is that the the phone "learns" when and where you charge it and makes adjustments about power use based on those habits. So, if you charge the phone each night at home, if you are home in the late afternoon, it might use more juice, knowing a charge is coming. On the other hand, if you stop to charge at an airport (an unknown or less "familiar" location) it might charge faster. That one sounds weird; if a device could charge faster wouldn't you want that on most of the time? At other times it might shut down less used apps and the like.

It's not clear if the application will turn into anything in the short or long term, but it's interesting to see what Apple is thinking and how it's using location to make our lives better.

- Venture Beat

Published Friday, July 26th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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