New Apps for Arlington National Cemetery and other Government GIS News

Arlington National Cemetery on Monday made available to the public a massive electronic database detailing the gravesites of the roughly 400,000 people buried there. ...

It can be accessed through the cemetery’s website

When a name is called up, a viewer can see when the person was buried and the dates of their birth and death. Photos of the front and back of the headstone can also be viewed. Monuments and memorials that commemorate the service of specific military units are also included in the database.

The cost? Unknown as the app was developed in-house. Here's the link for the Web (ArcGIS for Flex) and mobile apps.

- AP

Fire stations are farther away from more people in Thomas County [GA] than previously thought. That could translate into higher insurance premiums for many homeowners.

"Through the GPS capability in some of the new mapping software, the companies or the underwriters are able to determine that they are within five miles of any of our current 16 locations or they are beyond the five miles," said Fire Chief Chris Jones.

It turns out in some cases putting in a new station is cheaper than a new road.
Pennsylvania earned an A-minus in the 2012 Center for Digital Government survey of use of digital technology in government. Among the projects that supported that grade is a paperless food inspection sysetms for the Dept of Agriculture:
The new system, PA Food Safety, helps food businesses by leading to greater consistency, higher quality and faster inspections. The state also now publishes inspection results on a new public portal and uses geographic information system (GIS) software to enable food analysts to visualize contamination and to track and trace it to its source.  

Published Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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