New Flex Map of San Diego Airport and other Esri News

The new map is based on the Flex API and avaialble here. It uses a Bing basemap but I was unable to access it due to a huge splashscreen which I could not dismiss. This happens on my laptop now and again... (Safari, MacOS X if you are wondering...and no I don't want to change my resolution.)

- Aviation News

The Flex Viewer is also in use in Nashua, NH where it's showing off the new Broad Street Parkway Project. It's a software launch as the city is still tweaking details about what parcels still need to be acquired.

- Nahsua Patch

The San Bernardino Associated Governments is looking  at the environmental impacts of extending train service from the city into Redlands, including stops near Esri, the movie theatre and the University of Redlands. Trains may run by 2018.

- San Bernardino County Sun

And Esri has gotten approval for a new parking lot.

- Redlands Daily Facts

Published Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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