New Foursquare Quick SIgnUp Plan and other LBS News

The location-based discovery service, which offers merchants free access to analytics and admin tools, is now enabling businesses to claim and verify their locations instantly for a one-time $10 fee.

The free option, which includes snail mail, best I can tell, can take a few weeks. And, those are weeks businesses can't offer specials and other goodies via the SoLoMo service. No, Foursquare does not expect this to be a big money maker.

- VentureBeat

It's been a full year since PayPal bought WHERE, the Boston-based LBS/Ad/App business. What's new? A name change for WhereAds to the PayPal Media Network which Walt Doyle, former CEO of WHERE, now GM of PayPal Media Network describes as a "dynamic multi-channel advertising platform built to serve our retail partners during a time of immense change in consumer behavior.”

- Bostinno

Ready for a roundup on the state of Foursquare, Google Latitiude, Facebook and Yelp in their quest for LBS startdom? Computerworld gives is a shot.

What follows is a look at the background and differing approaches of four major social media platforms that provide LBS, with a special eye to what it all means for businesses that are looking to connect to customers. Two of the four networks, Foursquare and Google Latitude, are completely location-based; the other two, Facebook and Yelp, are social networks that have incorporated location-based services into their existing infrastructures.

- Computerworld

Published Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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