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OpenSignal (also known as OpenSignalMaps) is now offering an API to its data on mobile signal strength created from a "sniffer app" that runs on Android phones.

The API is for its NetworkRank product. It can recommend the best network in any location. This could be rolled into things like property search (e.g. check the best network for a potential new flat location) or in the ‘m2m’ space so companies can check they are on the best network before rolling out a fleet of connected devices.

Coming soon will be a cell tower API and a WiFi access point API. Finding the nearest WiFi points can be useful in consumer applications and they can both be used in e.g. providing location as a service (as they translate cell towers and WiFi points to actual co-ordinates).

TechCrunch via @byrne_tweets

Arkansas GeoStor API
: The service provides a geographic information service (GIS) for locations in the U.S. state of Arkansas. It provides simple search and advanced (field-specific) search against a repository of information about Arkansas and its subdivisions and regions. Advanced search allows specification of category and publisher from which results should come along with date characteristics of results to be included.

The basic service is an implementation of ArcGIS and supports methods of that API within its namespace. In addition, API methods support basic search and advanced search by category and publisher against the state's geographic information repository. A separate API allows interaction with the data viewer incorporated within the site.

AnnotatedEarth Location API: AnnotatedEarth is a user-driven community for collecting location information. It is specifically designed to provide location-aware information to devices such as laptops, palm pilots, and cell phones via a service interface on the website. AnnotatedEarth is focused on determining what is immediately in the surrounding area (e.g. 20, 50, 100 feet away). Although usable with mapping services, AnnotatedEarth, as a system, doesn't directly provide for map creation or directions.

The AnnotatedEarth Location API enables developers to fully access AnnotatedEarth's location-aware infrastructure and information.

Brownbook OpenSearch API: The service provides listings from a directory of business organizations categorized by product offerings, including both goods vendors and service providers. Search access is provided in compliance with OpenSearch standards. Keyword look-up or programmatic integration provides listings for individual businesses providing a desired product.

API methods support access to the listings compliant with the OpenSearch format. Methods allow submission of a query term and and geographic location. The API returns a results list from the business directory local to the specified place and matching that term, with a link to view details for each business on the provider's platform.

ElderCare Locator API: The service from the U.S. Administration on Aging provides lookup against a database of services available for seniors and aging Americans in locations nationwide. Applications can connect elderly users and their caregivers with listings of medical and social service providers, among other applicable support services.

API methods support search for matches against a national database of senior services maintained by the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services. Queries match against service descriptions and can be filtered by location specified as either city and state or Zip Code.

Insiteo Suite API: Insiteo is an indoor location mapping service that can be integrated with mobile applications and data collection services and aims to increase site profitability, data intelligence, customer experience and satisfaction levels. The Insiteo Suite of APIs is comprised of six APIs which can be used independently or together to create indoor mapping applications. The suite includes the indoor location, interactive mapping, pathfinding and navigation, geofencing, meet me, and lone worker protection API.

Malaika Consultants ZipCode Lookup API: The service provides information about a geographic area within the United States specified by a particular Zip Code of the U.S. Postal Service. Available specifics include the location by state, region, city, exact boundaries, and elevation. Data also include telephone area codes for the region, with some information about city classifications, where appropriate.

API methods support submission of a Zip Code, and returned data provide the city, state, and county where it is located along with city type, latitude/longitude, time zone, elevation, and telephone area codes. Methods also support listings of Zip Codes located within a city or state and the specific code for a latitude/longitude.

MKDenial Dpl API: The service provides subscribers with access to the provider's Denial List service to highlight companies and locations prohibited from receiving exports of certain technologies and providers. The U.S. government restricts both individuals and companies from providing goods and services to some buyers in other countries, either specific buyers or any buyer in a restricted country. The denial list also applies to product categories with export licensing requirements, such as nuclear technologies.

API methods support generation of a denial list of restricted buyers for specific products (either goods or services) located in particular countries. The API can return either summary or comprehensive denial listings.

TerraServer Landmark Service API: TerraServer offers satellite image licenses for print, film, and TV purposes. Customers may browse through the map viewer or look at preselected landmarks and then purchase files, prints, or posters of the desired imagery. TerraServer offers its Landmark Service API to enable users to search for landmarks within a given area. Users can access this service using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Wheelmap API: Wheelmap is an online user generated map of wheelchair-accessible places. The Wheelmap API provides a RESTful interface for integrating many of Wheelmap’s features. The API returns JSON responses.

Programmable Web

Good News:

Today, the Yahoo! BOSS team is thrilled to announce BOSS Geo, new additions to our Search API that’s designed to help foster innovation in the search industry. BOSS Geo, comprised of two popular services – PlaceFinder and PlaceSpotter – now offers powerful, new geo services to BOSS developers.

Bad News:

We intend to shut down the current free versions of PlaceFinder and PlaceMaker on November 17, 2012.

But you can still do non-commercial stuff via YQL tables for small numbers of transactions.

- Yahoo YSearchBlog via AnyGeo

Fulcrum API: Fulcrum provides cloud based data collection for mobile devices supporting the creation, deployment, and management of location based data collection applications. Fulcrum’s API provides clients with a RESTful interface for automating access to data and pictures, form elements, account setup info, and more.

- Programmable Web

Published Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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