New Geo APIs - 9/05/12

ikiMap API: IkiMap is a web service that allows users to create, organize, classify and ultimately share personal and public georeference information over the the web. The ikiMap is a set of several maps that visualize all the information at one time, basically representing multiple maps into a more graphical single map. The ikiMap API allows developers to integrate ikiMap maps, channels, user services and search services into their application. The API can be accessed through REST web service applications and responses can be formatted in JSON or XML.

Map Data Services API: The service provides route definition between stated starting and destination points, all as part of a general map rendering function. Map rendering options include specifying locations to place pins and discover local information, along with definitions of polygons marking of specific areas within a map.

API methods support route definition based on a starting and destination point, with options for an itinerary of up to 20 interim points and avoidance of specified obstacles. Map rendering methods support designation of location points to place markers and discover information related to the location.

Curbwise API: Curbwise is a service of, a collection of interactive projects from the Omaha World-Herald and Curbwise provides real estate information and data to the Omaha area, including sales statistics and valuations. Billed as The World’s Least Advanced API, the Curbwise API responds to any latitude and longitude within their geographic range with the neighborhood name and some basic descriptive stats.

Geobytes Ajax Autocomplete Cities List API: The Geobytes Ajax Autocomplete Cities List API enables developers to add an autocompleting list of cities to a website without generating any cross-site scripting errors, and without the need for any server-side code or proxies. Basically, it provides an autocomplete service for cities around the world for end users who are filling out online forms.

The listing also provides supplementary information on cities such as latitude, longitude, population, nationality, nation capitol, time zone, and currency. The API can be accessed via RESTful calls in JSON and JSONP.

PDX CitySync API: CivicApps and the PDX CitySync platform are an effort by the City of Portland and regional governments to make public information readily available to developers. There are APIs available both to interact with the online platform, and to access the data sets available. REST calls include, among others, requests for nearby parks based on geographic location, restaurant inspection information, new businesses licenses issues, employment data, and school performance data.

Timr API: Timr is an online time tracking application. Timr offers tracking for working time, project time, mileage, and GPS position. In addition the application provides analysis and reporting features.

The timr API allows developer to integrate timr's functionality into existing systems. The API lets users create tasks in timr automatically when new orders are created in their ERP, assign tasks to a user if that user was assigned to a project in their project management system, and transfer time tracking records created in timr back into their ERP system.Tasks and task-assignments can be set automatically. Created time entries can be assumed by timr. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is available for customers.

viaCycle API: viaCycle is a bike sharing program that allows users to "unlock" bikes through their phones by calling, texting, or via an application.

The viaCycle API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of viaCycle with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving locations of bikes and retrieving information on bikes.

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Published Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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