New Geo APIs - 9/12/12

Telogis API: Telogis provides a scalable fleet management system to help improve asset utilization, driver safety, and reduce labor and fuels costs. The Telogis API is available in JavaScript and several other formats including a ASP.NET and Silverlight package. A free trial SDK is available with registration to the developer zone.

GoMobileIQ Headlight API: Headlight combines online mapping, routing, email and customer notifications into a online application. The Headlight API considers these fields and generates optimized routes for delivery. Functionality includes standard format returns allowing for adjustable billing, upload to handheld devices, and CSV returns saved for access in DropBox.

LocalWiki API: LocalWiki is an online platform that allows users and communities to create and share local knowledge, news, and content about their communities.

The LocalWiki API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of LocalWiki with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing users, adding, deleting, and editing wiki content, and retrieving files, maps, and images.

Route4me API: Route4me was designed to help business and individuals plan trips more efficiently. The service is designed to reduce travel time, save on vehicle expense. The Route4me API allows users to plan a route, view routes, check the distance between points, and use a single address geocoder as well as a batch geocoder. The Service uses REST calls and returns XML. Access requires an API key.

Curbwise API: Curbwise is a service of, a collection of interactive projects from the Omaha World-Herald and Curbwise provides real estate information and data to the Omaha area, including sales statistics and valuations. Billed as The World’s Least Advanced API, the Curbwise API responds to any latitude and longitude within their geographic range with the neighborhood name and some basic descriptive stats.

Frommer's Unlimited API: helps businesses with travel products and services including content strategy, travel guide content, images and slideshows, multi-lingual search engine optimization, and other services. The Frommer's Unlimited API provides users with photos and slideshows, geo-data, and a database with points of interest, events and travel advice that users can integrate into 3rd party sites and mobile applications. The Service uses REST calls and returns data in XML format.

Gink API: The service logs communications between a GPS device and global positioning system satellites to allow analysis and interaction with its history of activity. An application can use the data to track movements and status of the device over time including definition of geozones within which it has reported status. Alerts can be configured based on variations from patterns of device activity accumulated.

API methods support uploading both event and status data exchanged between a a GPS device and a satellite. Methods allow either real-time access to data as it is logged or later retrieval of data accumulated over time. Data logged include most recent and historical position, events logged over time, distance traveled, etc.

Fanggle Qwoosh/Spreevo API: Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The Qwoosh/Spreevo API is a coupon application that uses mobile and social medias to provide location based contextual coupons and also combines web, and e-commerce channels to get offers to patrons quickly. Access to the API is available after joining the Licensing and Partnership program.

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Published Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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