New GeoNews Aggregator

Aparecido Leite, aka @Geoteq, shared via Twitter that his new geo news aggregator called 630in is in beta. Unlike PlanetGS it includes sites beyond blogs/news sites and content beyond text. It covers cartography, geography, remote sensing, GNSS, LBS, web mapping, geospatial technology, GIS, geomatics, etc. divided into these categories: 

  • blogs
  • news + pr
  • tech websites
  • by Google
  • gov + org
  • finance + biz
  • geography
  • forums + Q & A
  • earthquakers [sic]
  • videos + images
  • infographics

The page is elegant and covers quite a number of source. I'll note it included some sources I don't see too often. I found myself mousing over every entry to learn the source before clicking through. The addition of the source and maybe a short blurb with a mouse-over would be the enhancement suggestion at the top of my list. 

Published Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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