New Maps for Lee County and other Government GIS News

I do like that Lee County, FL offers specific maps for specific purposes in its gallery. But, when you click on a map, for example "Find my Commissioner," why is there no box to input an address? Instead, you have to click on the "help" where you learn:

To locate your property, simply zoom in on the map or click on the magnifying glass to open the Search box and enter an address or street name (ex. 1500 monroe st OR monroe) and click on an address from the list. Click in the property to get your Commissioner information.

Perhaps folks using other browsers beside Safari or Firefox see a magnifying glass; I don't.

- Cape Coral Breeze

A presidential spokesperson launched the new Open Data Philippines site on Thursday [Jan 16]. This is a big step in the direction of transparency for the Philippines, which was chided in a Sunlight Foundation report last October for erecting unnecessary barriers to public data.
There are 650 datasets at launch.
Washington residents have a new tool to track state spending on construction and capital projects in each of the state’s 39 counties and 49 legislative districts. The map comes from the state’s Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program Committee. It's an ArcGIS Online map, but it does not look like all the others on the Web.



Published Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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