New MOOC in Beta: Introduction to GIS using Quantum GIS

If you want to be a guinea pig in a new course from NISGTC (list of all its GIS courses, other APB coverage), consider Introduction to GIS using Quantum GIS. As I understand it, it's built on an existing introduction to GIS course from Rick Smith, with the new open source and QGIS material and labs by Kurt Menke. There's a recommended text, Learning QGIS 2.0, by Anita Graser. 

There are seven modules, each with videos and labs (aka exercises).

Here's the intro blurb:

Welcome to the QGIS introductory GIS course.  Please note that this course shell is in beta.  We appreciate your willingness to evaluate our course material in preparation for publication in August 2014.  We are very excited that this new series of five complete GIS courses, all based on Open Source Software, will provide educators the curriculum and tools they need to adopt open source GIS software into their GIS programs.

We ask that you follow the sequence of modules presented in the Modules and complete the lab assignments one at a time.  You are welcome to make remarks on either in the discussion area for each module.  Please note that this is a self-paced, open enrollment, course without instructor support or presence.  We make this material available to the public for their own use.  We will publish the course officially on Github in August 2014.  Anyone is welcome to reuse any of the material at that time for their own courses, with attribution under Creative Commons BY license.


Published Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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