New Open Source Tools for Coordinate Transformation:

Klokan Technologies GmbH based in Switzerland announced a new open-source web service with a database of coordinates systems, EPSG, used in maps worldwide. EPSG refers to the organization behind the database: the European Petroleum Survey Group which is now known as the OGP Geomatics Committee. I learned about EPSG during my time with the Open Geospatial Consortium. 

The new service
simplifies discovery of coordinate reference systems utilized all over the world for creating maps and geodata and for identifying geo-position. It is a practical tool for anybody interested in cartography and digital map making, who needs to know exact latitude and longitude values for numerical coordinates in different spatial reference systems. Included map application allows to show the precise location anywhere on the planet also visually.
The key features:
  • Fulltext search for the complete database of coordinate systems from EPSG
  • Short rememberable URLs, i.e.
  • Type GPS latitude/longitude and get projected coordinates or vice versa
  • Precise numerical location on a map / aerial photo for any place on the planet
  • Export definitions in various formats, including WKT, OGC GML, XML, Proj.4, SQL, JS, etc.
  • Facets for retrieval of alternative record types from the official EPSG database
  • API for the search in EPSG database and for transformations
There's an API and soon the service will be part of MapTiler a tool to simplify the transformation or existing raster geodata and images into Google Maps and OGC WMTS compatible tiles. It's used to prepare custom maps for mobile devices and web presentation. It'll also be used in Georeferencer, an online service to turn scanned maps into geodata in a web browser in any coordinate system and map projection during georeferencing.
The code is available on GitHub and input from the community is welcome.
There's a lot of buzz about the latest version announced on March 14. Frank Warmerdam (Planet Labs) and Martin Daly (Cadcorp) both note it may be the next resource for coordinate tools following the not well supported site.
- Klokan Technologies Blog via Twitter

Published Monday, March 17th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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