New Segmentation System Focuses on Retail Financial Services Marketing

By Nora Parker

Information Asset Partners (IAP), a company formed in early 2003, has recently released a new market segmentation system entirely focused on providing product-specfic predictive information for marketing retail financial and insurance products.

EmpirixTM, built using US Census demographics and SRI Consulting Business Intelligence's MacroMonitor survey data, offers 27 different predictive segmentations for marketing financial products.These include, for example, the likelihood of purchasing an annuity, supplemental health insurance, term life insurance, college savings plans and money market funds.It also includes segmentations related to buyer channel affinity or buyer behavior, such as the likelihood of buying an annuity from a bank or attending a financial seminar, respectively. MacroMonitor is one of the largest, continuous research studies in the US retail financial services industry.

"Our data is completely interoperable, since it's built on standard census geography," said Bill Poll, Director of Business Development of IAP."Empirix can be consistently applied in market analysis, market sizing, location analysis, acquisition, cross selling and benchmarking." Each Empirix segmentation independently provides a five-grade scheme indicating likelihood of purchase.

Founding partners, Dr.Raisa Suhir and Poll, both out of D&B, developed EmpirixTM to offer an off-the-shelf solution for prospecting and marketing activities for the financial market."What's different about us is that we've commercialized these specialized models so that people can buy them right off-the-shelf, instead of having to have them custom built. We're seeing double-digit response gains and expanding the scope the Empirix segmentations," Poll said.

The map shows the likelihood of purchasing term life insurance in the Buffalo, NY, trade area. Empirix A1 indicates the best markets and D indicates the lowest propensity for purchasing a term life policy.

Information Asset Partners markets Empirix through direct sales and through resellers in the direct marketing, mapping, and market analytics businesses.For more information, readers can go to

Published Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

Written by Nora Parker

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