New Street Databases for Nigerian Cities

By Nora Parker

Sample of street database for Abuja, Nigeria.Used with permission.(Click for larger image)

Ed.Note: I noticed a press release from LeadDog about new street files for Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, and following up with Jim Anderson to learn a little more.

Nora Parker (NP): What are the sources of the data? How do you go about creating street files in that region?

Jim Anderson (JA): LeadDog uses the same mapping process for every GIS vector city street map we create.First we derive the core segment, point and polygon information from the latest high resolution imagery.Then we compile and cross-reference maps from local sources to add attribution such as street names, point of interests names, park/water names, neighborhood/admin names, etc.

NP: A few weeks ago we ran an article about a cellular telephone operator working on improving cell quality in Lagos.That leads me to wonder if you have competition in that region.If so, how do you distinguish your product?

Good question.Our specialty is making international GIS street and road maps where none exist, or the local market has inadequate mapping that does not meet our client's requirements.

In the case of Nigeria, we contacted the author of that fine piece [Ireti Ajala] to inquire about the sources of their GIS mapping.He kindly provided us a contact with a local mapping company.Our Lagos and Abuja maps will compete with the local products.However, this mapping company has maps for other cities.We have reviewed the quality of their maps and will add their products to our map catalogue.In the very few areas where a local mapping company has quality products, we will represent their products to license to our clients.

The majority of the time, however, LeadDog creates and maintains its own maps.Our street and road mapping extends to over 40 countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.We represent local map products for more than 10 countries.Our products are created to the same specification worldwide.This gives our clients the same functionality and 'look and feel' across cities, countries and continents.

Published Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

Written by Nora Parker

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