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Nike Opens Up API to its Nike+ Software and Data

The global sports vendor has opened the Nike+ API developer portal, giving developers access to both the API and user data to build new apps. The company is prepping for a developer program, the Nike+ Accelerator program, organized with TechStars, a company that's run many such accelerators. Developers can get inside NikeFuel (how Nike measures things) and the Nike FuelBand (its "sports watch") and the data it collects about pace, distance of run and the like. Nike is taking applications for its Nike+ Accelerator until February 3, and those selected will get $20,000, mentors and other goodies to build their apps/gadgets.

I gues this whole "quantified self" movement is taking off and means more money for corporations involved. That said, I don't know anyone who wears a FitBit and I've seen just a few Nike+ Fuel bands among my running friends. While many runners keep a running log, I can't say too many I know get supergeeky on the data. The most geeky post how many miles they ran during the last calendar year. (I have no idea how many miles I ran last year!) In fact, in a recent conversation, several folks admitted they had bought heart rate monitors, used them a few times, and never used them again. I have to admit, as I learn more about my sport of choice, running, the less tech I use.

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Published Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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