Nokia Bringing Suburban Workers into Chicago, Hiring More to Grow Traffic/Location Team

Nokia will change the wokplace of some 150 from the suburb of Itasca to an address in the Chicago Loop (downtown). The Itasca Mobile Phones Xpress Internet Services group, which works largely in cellular Web browsing, will now work alongside Nokia Maps workers, something Nokia believes is synergistic.

The 150 employees will leave the western suburb of Itasca and join 1,200 Nokia workers already in the Loop. Nokia is planning to hire another 100 people for technology jobs in Chicago. A company official said Nokia will soon be about 1,500 employees in the city.

Mayor Rohm Emmanual was invoved with bring the team to Chicago and not to another suburb or state. Nokia is working with local universities, including the Illinois Institute of Technology, to help educate its future workforce.

- Medill Reports

Published Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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