Nokia Maps Suite Beta Debuts and other LBS News

Under the name of Nokia Maps Suite we have, in fact, packaged a series of tools that will help you experience adventures everyday: Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Public Transport are just the beginning. You are going to love all the apps included in the newest release of Nokia Maps Suite. Just point your browser to Nokia Beta Labs to download it now.

My sense is this a two fold effort: first to continue to rebrand mapping from NAVTEQ to Nokia Maps and second to collect what seem to be dozens of LBS apps into a single suite.

- Nokia Conversations Blog

[Waze is] introducing a hands-free way to activate and file reports with the iOS version of the software.

Waze, impatiently waiting for Apple to open up its Siri APIs to developers, has taken the unusual approach of using the iPhone's proximity sensor to activate a voice-controlled interface in its application. A simple wave of the hand will initiate voice-control, allowing drivers to quickly navigate, report traffic, and alert others to road hazards. The app uses Apple's native Siri speech recognition for addresses and local search queries, and will also disable text input while the car is in motion. Unlike Apple's Siri voice control, there's no reason a driver needs to touch the screen or push a button to interact with Waze.

- The Verge

Foursquare last week announced something new: a way to search for venues "where you are not." This is something Yelp and Google do not yet have.

- Co Design

Published Monday, February 13th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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