Nokia, Oracle Create Tighter Integration between Nokia Location Platform (NLP) and Oracle Fusion Middleware

By Joe Francica

Directions Magazine (DM): If this agreement goes beyond the current Oracle/Nokia relationship is it limited to NLP or does it include certain Nokia data products?

Nokia (N): This integration is an extended use of the current longstanding Oracle/Nokia agreement.   The NLP web service is now being offered to the Oracle ecosystem through Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer.  This supports our dual strategy for location enablement, the use of NLP web services and NAVTEQ Maps content.  Oracle users can have our NLP web service providing detailed street views to the Oracle database that also includes our NAVTEQ Maps boundaries such as Postal Codes.  This will be common in Business Intelligence apps.  We refer to this as a "hybrid" licensing opportunity, and this is unique to Nokia.

DM: Is the “built-in” link between Oracle Fusion Middleware and NLP a means to directly access certain “free” map layers of NAVTEQ Maps from which Oracle applications can create maps beyond the map data that was provided in Oracle MapViewer? What barrier was this removing?

The NLP web service will be licensed to Oracle end users through standard Enterprise use cases.  The barrier being removed is our detailed NAVTEQ Maps streets can now be accessed through the web service as opposed to being deployed within the Oracle database in an on premise installation mode.

DM: And are other maps layers offered for purchase directly?

Nokia has an extensive map and location content portfolio that has been offered to the Oracle ecosystem.  In addition to our core streets database we offer content like Postal Code and Census boundaries, point address and postal point data products.

DM: Does the NLP have an ecommerce option for users or a certain way to license data for certain geographic regions or layers from within Fusion Middleware? Can you be more specific?

The NLP will be licensed through standard Enterprise use cases.  When users of MapViewer web console select the NLP service from the pull down, they are prompted to enter a URL and license key to enable use of the service.

DM: What are the “mapping services” referred to in the press release that Nokia is providing? Is this “geocoding” or “real time traffic” data? Or other web service?

The initial “mapping services” are for map rendering through MapViewer.  At this time, geocoding and routing functionalities and real time traffic data are all available by NLP through programmatic interfaces to MapViewer.

DM: Has Nokia offered access to NLP previously as a service to other companies or is this an exclusive agreement?

The NLP integration to Oracle’s Fusion MapViewer is not being offered under an exclusive agreement.  NLP web services are now being offered to other Nokia Enterprise customers as part of its standard business practices.

Published Monday, October 8th, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

Published in

Location Intelligence

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