HERE Purchases Medio to Enhance Position in Location Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

Bloomberg News reports that HERE, a Nokia company, will purchase Medio Systems, a predictive analytics firm, in a move suggested by Bloomberg to bolster the company's chances to fight Google (see HERE's press release). In an interview with Bloomberg, HERE CEO Michael Halbherr said:

There are many analytics platforms out there, but very few have gone into predictive analytics ...We want to make sure the foundation is extremely solid so our investments really focus on capabilities ... We’re now in the mode of making very focused investments to get us up that strategic staircase ... We continue to rebuild our traffic platform with Earthmine and now we’re moving up the stack with analytics.

HERE's move "up the stack" suggests a play in the location intelligence market and away from being a pure data solutions provider of streets, geocoding and traffic.

Bloomberg's report also noted Nokia's purchase two weeks ago of Desti, a natural language technology company that will provide personalized travel recommendations. Desti is a spinoff of SRI International and helped Apple develop Siri, Bloomberg reported.

Published Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

Published in

Location Intelligence

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