Nokia Teams with Groupon and other LBS News

Nokia Corp. is adding Groupon's Groupon Now! deal into its map apps (Nokia Maps using NAVTEQ data) on the new Lumia phones.

Finding, buying and redeeming Groupon Now! deals is easy. When looking for something on Nokia Maps, you will be shown relevant deals among the usual search results clearly marked with the green G of Groupon. All deals on Nokia Maps come with an exhaustive description and when you have selected one, you will be redirected to the Groupon mobile site.

U.S. only...

- Nokia Conversations

The Royal BC Musuem is using yet another indoor positioning solution from Wifarer to enhance the visitor experience.

The BC Museum is working with indoor-positioning firm Wifarer to not only map its floor plans but also provide a location-aware guide to its exhibits. Like Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT), Wifarer uses Wi-Fi fingerprinting technology to create its maps and triangulate a phone’s location indoors. But the Vancouver-based startup is only using maps and indoor navigation as a starting point.

Once a base map is produced, a building owner can start adding “objects” to the map, corresponding to objects in physical space. Those objects can then be populated with information, which can be accessed directly from the map or pushed to a user when the object is nearby.

So, what's to keep anyone from doing the indoor mapping and overlaying their own data?

But Wifarer is providing means for its customers to protect their turf. [Wifarer CEO] Stanger said it has developed software that will disrupt the Wi-Fi fingerprints that other mapping companies use to determine location, making accurate coordinate readings impossible.

Oh good!

- GigaOm

Los Angeles-based MomentFeed, the startup developing location-based analytics software for brands, said Wednesday afternoon that it has connected its service directly into foursquare, allowing its customers to use MomentFeed to publish and manage their foursquare updates. 

- SocialTech

A new, free hurricane app from the American Red Cross offers location-based NOAA weather alerts and lets users send a one-touch "I'm safe" message via social networks to family and friends in an emergency.

It's called Hurricane and is available the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. . The big push here in Massachussetts as discussed on NPR, is the app's ability to work when the power is out. When the power is out many mobile masts are down, no?

- Computerworld

Published Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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