NOLAYouthMap and other Education GIS News is a new project from the Partnership for Youth Development, a local nonprofit that works with the full spectrum of after-school and summer programs in the metro area, helping them provide better experiences for local kids.

Eric Jensen is the group’s director of youth engagement, and he says started as an effort to connect young people and families with this growing, ever-changing realm of resources available to them. 

“We recruited over 70 young people from the city of New Orleans, trained them in community mapping skills and we hit the streets,” Jensen says.  

The result is an online site for youth, by youth. It includes all kinds of resources for youth and families. Next on the agenda: a mobile app.


Staff from the Scholars' Lab in the University of Virginia Library hoisted a tethered weather balloon hundreds of feet above Clark Hall last week to demonstrate do-it-yourself aerial photography techniques for students, faculty and staff.

The idea was to show how researchers can use inexpensive aerial photography techniques and geographic information systems technology, or GIS, to quickly gather aerial images and data and stitch it into a map. The workshop was one of three on the subject hosted by the Scholars' Lab last week as part of an ongoing series.

Balloon based data capture is the hot new thing in both aerial image collection and education.

- press release

Indiana University researchers overseeing the effort in Brown County will map and identify every tree in a 62-acre swath of the 550-acre Lilly-Dickey Woods for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. The institute is tracking changes in forests over time.

The effort is being led by a grad student. The trees will measured and remeasured every five years.

- Greenfield Reporter

Published Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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