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WSFA ran an article this month about July's NAEP results. (APB Coverage) The article is mostly "U.S. kids don't know geography; it is not funded" but there is one key observation by the reporter. "High school seniors weren't the only ones who faced difficult questions not commonly associated with geography." That's right, Brian Tynes observed that what many think of as geography is no longer what's being tested. That's a good thing!


Cayuga Community College is one of 31 sites in New York State hosting an exhibition for the New York Remembers 9/11 Tribute. And, one focus is geospatial technology.

Cayuga Community College President Daniel Larson said, "I think of the connection between what actually transpired at the college with geospatial technology and the impact that that had on the Ground Zero site."

Images shown in the display are similar to the ones the college's NASA center took in from satellites on 9/11 and hand delivered to workers at Ground Zero. At the time they were the first and only images workers had to rely on as they tried to navigate the wreckage.

John Lamphere, Criminal Justice Professor and formerly of the Cayuga County Sheriff's Department, said "We'd come here two to three times per day and pick up bundles of maps, some them being as big as this column post, and then transporting them over to the state police which would be transferred then down the thruway and shuttled down to pier 19 and anybody else who needed them."

- YNN see also The Citizen

The non-governmental organisation, Youth Empowerment Education Initiative (YEEI) has advocated for the introduction of history and geography as required subjects in elementary schools in Nigeria.

- Leadership Newspapers

Published Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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