NYC Street Closure Map and other Government GIS News

Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Christine Quinn announced NYC Street Closures on Tuesday, which pulls together permit information and allows users to search by date and location.

Users can also sort by street, borough, purpose and duration of the closure.

- NBC New York

Open-Source, Real-Time Bus Tracking Is Coming to All of New York City! OpenPlans and Cambridge Systematics is doing the work.
The City of Seattle now offers details on its trees. 
We are pleased to make individual tree information available to the public via our new web based street tree map.  Users can obtain the common and scientific name, the inventory identification number, diameter, street address, party responsible for maintenance, the date the tree was planted or inventoried, and the date that the tree was last checked by clicking on an individual tree. 
Yes, you can add updated data to it via forms! It accesses ArcGIS Online but has its own look and feel.

Published Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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