Of Praise and Criticism

By Joe Francica

_At the end of each article, we invite readers to comment on what they've read. This applies to editorials, podcasts and blog posts, as well. We do this because we want Directions to be a source of news and reader interaction. And we want you to tell us when you disagree, have strong feelings to the contrary or just plain think we got it wrong. That's fine with us. We invite constructive dialog. Don't hold back; give it to us straight.

The nature of Internet-based media allows us to be in direct, sometimes instantaneous, communication. It's our mission at Directions to be the first with news and analysis. We'd appreciate it if you would tell us about news you think is important to cover and whether we've done an adequate job of informing you as a reader.

And we need you to support our advertisers. They help bring you the news we cover. Their support makes it possible for us to fill our pages with original content.

We'll take the praise and the criticism; we've heard lots of both. Every day we walk the fine line between reporting news that's relevant and that which is more advertorial. We'll provide an informed opinion when possible, yet strive never to take "pot shots" or communicate via innuendo.

As editor-in-chief, I'm privileged to work with five extremely professional and knowledgeable editors, the largest staff of any geospatial publication. All of us want to hear from our readers about the job we do…or don't do.

So, the next time you read something that stirs you to comment, please use the box at the bottom of each page, or write to us directly at editors@directionsmag.com.

Published Friday, October 6th, 2006

Written by Joe Francica

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