OGC Meeting Update

By Carl Reed III

_The 54th meeting of the OGC Technical and Planning Committees was held in St. Johns, Newfoundland, June 13th-17th.The meeting, hosted by Compusult Ltd.with co-sponsorship from many Newfoundland agencies and organizations, was extremely productive and successful.The key actions and recommendations resulting from the meeting are listed below.
  • Release of the candidate specification GML in JPEG 2000 for Geographic Imagery (GMLJP2) for a 30 day public comment period.
  • Release of the GML Simple Features Profile Specification for a 30 public comment period followed by an electronic vote for approval as an adopted OpenGIS Specification.
  • Approval to release two new OGC White Papers: "Interoperability and Open Architectures: An analysis of existing standardisation processes and procedures" and the "SIDP Notional Architecture Executive Summary."
  • Approval to release a new version of the Catalog Services - Web ebRIM Profile.ebRIM is an OASIS standard for an ebXML Registry Information Model [ebRIM].It provides information on the types of metadata that are stored in the Registry as well as the relationships among the various metadata classes.
  • Approval to release a new OGC Discussion paper titled "GeoXACML, a Spatial Extension of XACML." XACML (Extensible Access Control Markup Language) is an OASIS standard.
  • Approval to have an electronic vote for the adoption of ISO 19136, after minor edits, as GML 3.2.
  • Approval to release the GML Point Profile as an OGC Discussion paper.
  • Approval to release the Web Processing Service (WPS) candidate implementation specification as an OGC Discussion Paper.
  • Endorsement of a joint ISO/OGC editing team to move Web Feature Service and Filter Encoding as ISO COmmitee Drafts.
The next OGC meetings will be held in Bonn, Germany in November.

Published Saturday, July 16th, 2005

Written by Carl Reed III

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