Olympic Venue and Crisis Mapping

Google latest imagery update for Earth and Maps covers Olympic venues along imagery for 25 cities and 72 countries/regions.

We’ll start in the United Kingdom, where the London 2012 Olympic Games opens this Friday. We’ve released new satellite imagery taken this past May of the Olympic Park and Village. In the image above, you can see the final construction touches being added to the open-air Olympic Stadium (lower right).

- Google Lat Long Blog

The offiical London 2012 map is build on Bing Maps, and includes both a "find nearest" and a "search" box. I tried to find the location of the marathon (I know where it will be held) but found all sorts of other events with "marathon" in their titles. To use this map effectively, one must first set a series of event type and time parameters at the bottom of the map, then move up the map to input the query of interst. Only then did I find the Mall as the venue for the event. And, the map tip included this helpful info: "Athletics - MarathonSaturday 4 August – Saturday 11 August." Perhaps it's more helpful for those at the games, not those watching from afar.

- map

MyLondonMap.com hosts and olympic map (based on Google Maps) but I can't figure out just where the venues are - or how I might search them.

- MyLondonMap - Olympic Map

LondonTown also offered what it calls and interactive map, but I didn't find it too interactive at all. You can pan and zoom and that's about it. Oh and you can embed it, as I did below.

London - The Olympic City, from LondonTown.com

- press release

Crisis Mappers UK is deploying a Situational Awareness map for the London Olympic Games which will collate and distribute relevant, real time information to a broad range of stakeholders (general public and emergency services) to support situation awareness and facilitate rapid reaction in case of an emergency. Our definition of ‘emergency’ includes incidents (transport disruption, emergency services) and health events.

It uses volunteers to add information to Ushahidi's Crowdmap platform:

How does it work?

Volunteers will register on and sign in on Skype
Volunteers will receive confirmation of registration and suggested slots
Data will be collected and distributed on the Ushahidi Platform:

Volunteers will be able to choose between different tasks:

1) Media Monitoring Team
Identify mainstream & social media websites/feeds
Monitor these feeds on an ongoing basis
Enter actionable info

2) Geo-Location Team
Find GPS coordinates of Media reports
Find GPS coordinates for other info requested by Humanitarian Team
Keep an up-to-date Google Doc of all GPS coordinates found by location

3) Responders Liaison Team
Liaise between UKCM and humanitarian responders.
Fast track urgent reports to humanitarian responders
- Send sit reports to humanitarian responders

4) Verification team
Verify urgent reports and actionable reports using original sources or triangulation

5) Analysis Team
Find patterns in the reports submitted to the platform
Produce a regular CMUK Report

- Demotix

Published Monday, July 30th, 2012

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