On the Changing Business Landscape of Remote Sensing - Joel Campbell, President, ERDAS

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Has there been a greater awareness of the value of remote sensing since satellite information was exposed through popular Internet mapping platforms? Have best practices been established since geospatial professionals have taken a leading role during several "crisis mapping" efforts in Haiti and Chile? Joel Campbell, president of ERDAS, provides his views on what's needed as remotely sensed data and image processing become key elements in delivering essential information in near real-time and what that means for a changing business model. "While the "Googles" and the "Microsofts" of the world have really raised the awareness of the value of geospatial data and geospatial thinking, there hasn't been a parallel raising of the understanding of what geospatial data and analysis is really all about," says Campbell, president of ERDAS. Editor in Chief Joe Francica explores more in this interview.

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