OpenPlans Transportation Looks to Kickstarter to Fund Public Transit Solution for iOS 6

One big issue related to the new Apple Maps app for iOS 6 relates to public transit routing. The best most people understand it, Apple is leaving integrating such data and apps to third party developers, meaning users will need to download potentially more than one app to have such functionality for more than one city. 

Kevin Webb, a manager in charge of transit projects at the non-profit group OpenPlans Transportation (a division of OpenPlans, the folks behind OpenGeo and Civic Commons and other open initiatives) doesn't like that vision.

To demonstrate his point, OpenPlans will launch a Kickstarter campaign next week to solicit funds to build an iPhone app for iOS 6 to be launched at the same time as Apple releases the next version of its operating system. The plan is to integrate all of the public transit feeds that are currently available in GTFS across the United States and pressure agencies not making that data available to join other agencies that have. Currently Atlanta, Ga., and Phoenix, Ariz., only make that data available to Google, Webb says.

TechPresident via @rcheetham

Published Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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