Open Source Marine GeoTools from NOAA and other Open Source GIS News

Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET), also known as the GeoEco Python package, is an open source geoprocessing toolbox that includes over 250 tools useful for a variety of tasks. These tasks include downloading popular oceanographic datasets in GIS-compatible formats, identifying fronts and eddies in satellite images, building statistical habitat models from species observations and creating habitat maps, modeling biological connectivity by simulating hydrodynamic larval dispersal, and building grids that summarize fishing effort, catch per unit effort, and other statistics.

They are designed to work wtih ArcGIS.

Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET)

Among those helping Raleigh to be an open city if not a fully "open-source" city are Esri, SeeClickFix and others. Remember: open source software and open data and open standards are not the same thing. The open gov effort uses Esri's open source GeoPortal (which taps into ArcGIS services) with SeeClickFix (proprietary) supporting Open311 standards.

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OSGeo announced OpenLayers version 2.12.

New features:

  • A new CSS-customizable zoom control
  • Sensible projection defaults to ease the creation and configuration of maps
  • Tile caching for offline use
  • CSS-based tile animation
  • UTFGrid support
  • Improved image request management (tile queue)
  • Fractional zooming for tiled layers (a.k.a. client zoom)"

- OSGeo

Published Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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